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You weren't meant to fit in, but to

stand out!

You have something unique, something

special, something worthy of a show.


The world needs to hear from you!


There is a community of people who would laugh, who would smile, who would be enlightened, who would be inspired, who’s day would be made if they could hear that something special that only you can deliver.


You have been gifted with something that

only you can offer.

tea on tech

for Small Biz & Podcasters


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Have you ever thought about podcasting?

Is This Thing On?

If you have any kind of passion, or there’s a subject that you just love talking about, you already have everything you need (and more!) to start podcasting.


People everywhere are starting to catch on, and epic podcast team-ups are appearing left and right.


From besties and small businesses to large brands - people just like you are realizing their potential and joining the global community of amazing podcasting professionals!


Hey there, professionals and 

small biz owners!

Not enough eyes on your brand/small business and you would love to expand globally?


Need to establish yourself as a credible

subject-matter expert and don't know where to begin?


Tired of the same 'ole-same 'ole ways and marketing techniques? Need a creative, fun, out of the box, affordable way to promote your brand and build a community of supporters?


With our super simple basics as a foundation, create your show and build your platform of influence!

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Hey There, Besties, Couples, Families

target market

This is for besties, couples, families, and folxx who roll solo- who want to have a little fun and share their great dialogue, personality, and special sauce with the world!

Best friends are podcasting!


Grandmas and grandpas are podcasting!


Sports fanatics are podcasting!


And most likely, your neighbors (lol) are podcasting!


Ministries, clubs, and so many more are podcasting!


Extraverts and introverts are podcasting!


Wall flowers and social butterflies are podcasting!


They are building bonds and having a ball at the same time! And if they can do it, why not you?

My Offerings Provide


be positioned

as a Subject-Matter Expert

As a podcaster, position 

yourself as an authority in

 your own right and a 

subject-matter expert in 

your field.


Having your podcast

absolutely gives you a

platform and a voice and

allows you the opportunity

to be a champion for

certain causes; great for

any socially-conscious

person excited and

honored to be part of the

community of podcasting



Brand Awareness

Elevate awareness for

your brand! The show

could very well be an

additional platform to get

the word out about what

your business has to offer.


Your podcast can possibly

help you generate leads.

Many podcasters use the

content from their show to

tie in the mention of

products and services

offered by their


your new

Guilty Pleasure

Podcasting can be

amazing, thrilling, and

feels ohhh so gooood!


Getting a few things off

your chest, releasing a

little stress, sharing your

love, light, passion,

purpose and insight with

your growing audience

and fans is just one of the


many perks of


you finally

Have Plans
For A Friday Night

Ok, just kidding... Maybe

podcasting on a Friday night

isn't your thing! But finally

having a hobby, finally

having something that

brings you peace and joy

and laughter is a wonderful



The mic just gets you, even

when others don't! And

during a global pandemic

when there's not much to do

but stay in the house gives a

whole new reason to start

your podcast and build

incredible bonds with your

co-hosts and online

community while you're at it!


Have fun! Be the star of your own show!

Created with amateurs to the mic in mind!

podcast challenge

While you keep putting off your dreams, they’re

already becoming someone else’s reality!


Don’t Wait another day to do something for you for



Yes! You have what it takes and yes you too can

be a podcaster and a star in your own right!


This is for introverts, extroverts, shy folxx, talkative

folxx, bubbly personalities, wall flowers, and all!


I want to help!


Join my free, super-simple challenge and begin

sketching out a plan to bring your show to life!


Join The FREE
7-Day Plan Your

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your business + balance bestie



CEO + Principal Consultant ● Accountability Coach

Hostess of the Life: Unscripted Podcast

Author  Speaker

Hey, love! I have had a BLAST learning the tricks of the

trade in podcasting and have used it to build my own



Whether you are considering podcasting for business

or pleasure, I want to show you how to do the very



Just in case you would like a few reasons why you

should listen to this chic, here is a short list of deets on



Besides the fact that I have been a small business

owner for the past 18 years, Business Development

Coach + Accountability Partner and have provided

various training services for companies such as the

Better Business Bureau, Yelp, Dress for Success, local

government agencies, various school systems, faith

based non-profits, small businesses and


Check out our

products & offerings 

Our launch guide is a super simple system designed to give step-by-step tips to take you from none to done for


your show in little to no time!


This program not only introduces you to how to kickstart your podcast, it teaches you strategies and practical,

easy to implement principles that you can apply in order to plan, launch, and MARKET your BUSINESS/BRAND!


Info is short, sweet, easy to digest and implement...

click here to hear more



Podcast Brand-Guide + Episode Planner

Quick, simple, easy to read!

Small, compact size for

reading on-the-go!

Read the book, but want more?


This in-depth e-Course is the perfect



Complete the simple, engaging

modules on your own time and learn

what is needed to get your show out

of your head, off the ground, and on

the airwaves in no time!

Quick, yet thorough guide to thinking

through the intricate details of

establishing your personal and

professional podcast brand. Plenty of

worksheets to help with even the

simplest of items to consider!

Additionally, there are tons of pages

(similar to a teacher's lesson plan!) that help you plan out each of your episodes, from concept to guest processes to marketing, and more!

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What they're 


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Christina T.

Blake P.

“I thoroughly enjoyed Tiffany's 

presentation... I especially liked the 

variety of helpful ideas she 

shared--some of her strategies can 

be implemented right away, and

others I can use... in the long term. She

was an engaging and upbeat host,

and I am excited to put some of her

suggestions into practice!”

“Just attended a Podcast by Tiffany

through the Better Business Bureau of

Eastern NC and the content and

delivery was wonderful. Very helpful

tips from someone who clearly knows

what they are talking about.”