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Because I Help Develop Brands AND The People Behind Them.

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Personal Development Solutions

Helping to Develop Brands AND the People Behind Them

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We understand something that is simple to articulate, yet complex to execute, and it is this: 

  • People want to feel valued. 

  • They want to feel embraced, welcomed, and praiseworthy. 

  • They want to feel needed, necessary, and loved. 

  • They want to show up as the best version of their whole, authentic selves when they walk into the room and into your organization; be it school, work, or otherwise. 

  • They want to be equipped to feel their best, be their best, and do their best from day to day. 

  • They want to have a sense of purpose and direction. 

  • At Organized Energy, as Certified Life Coaches, it is our delight to support them in these ways so that we re-write the narrative of their own lives. 

  • No more public successes and private messes! :) 

  • We discuss setting goals, setting standards, setting boundaries, relationship management, energy management, time management, and work to declutter emotional and physical spaces in an effort to regain a sense of order in life. 

  • We work to evaluate passions and giftedness. 

  • We seek purpose and clarity on how to carry it out personally and professionally in order to make impact in the lives of others. 

  • We explore relationships as it pertains to our spirituality, views of self, and in dealing with others. 

  • Our programming strives to provide tools to help increase confidence, sense of self-worth, and so much more!


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