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Listening to podcasts is awesome, but recording your own can be even more rewarding!


This amazing suite of tools includes 1 copy of each of the following:


Our Book Bundle is PERFECT if any of These are True for You:

  • Ready to learn something new and discover a new hobby that you could absolutely love?
  • You're an expert at something and you'd love to teach it to others
  • You want to share your life experiences and tell your story
  • You’re currently journeying through something that could be used to encourage and inspire others
  • You’re a jokester, a sports fanatic, or someone who simply loves chatting about pure randomness (lol)


Couples, siblings, besties, parent-child team-ups have launched their shows together and are having a blast!


  • Podcasting can be a perfect way to spend time with your family and friends!


Small business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, mompreneurs, and professionals with side hustles: Are there not enough eyes on your brand/small business?


  • Are you tired of the same ole' same ole' marketing techniques?
  • Need a creative, fun, outside the box, affordable way to promote your brand and build a community of supporters?


Launching a podcast is easy- anyone can do that.

But having the business sense, the strategy to actually establish and properly build the podcast brand is a totally different story.


Find out the business and strategy side of podcasting in this bundle of resources!


Ways to Benefit From and Enjoy This Book Bundle:

  • This launch guide is a super simple system designed to journey through practical, purposeful steps and strategies that may help one go from none to done in no time at all!
  • Created with new and aspiring podcasters in mind, info is short, sweet, easy to digest and implement.
  • The books are a quick read on-the-go!
  • Have fun!
  • Learn how to be the star of your own show!
  • Learn how to position yourself as a subject-matter expert and go-to authority in your industry or genre!
  • Learn how to increase visibility for your brand and how to extend your reach globally!
  • For many people and in some ways, podcasting can be a public form of therapeutic journaling- an outlet to share their stories, their journeys, their insight in a way that also helps others who may also be able to relate.


What Makes This Book Bundle So Special:

The who, what, when, where, why, and how of building a podcasting brand are discussed, simplified, and used as the basis of how the content is laid out and presented.


This suite of resources not only introduces readers to the simplicities of how to kickstart a podcast, but provides insight that could be used as a mini crash-course in basic fundamentals of planning, launching, and scaling a small business or brand!


A quick and easy read, this book bundle is packed with engaging prompts, practical principles and easy to implement strategies that can be completed in no time!


Special Sections:

End of chapter summaries in the main book of this bundle include checklists for intentional action and personal accountability, which is a game changer for those who are used to reading literature but have a tough time actually utilizing what they have read.


From chapter to chapter, learn the next set of small tasks to complete as the reader works towards building your podcast brand!


Pairs Well With (Sold Separately):

To enhance your experience, this book pairs well with our


The “Is This Thing On? The Super Simple Guide to Planning, Launching, & Scaling Your Podcast” suite of books and tools were designed BY a podcaster FOR aspiring podcasters!


As an entrepreneur of 18+ years and having been featured on multiple podcast shows in addition to having a global audience of her own, the author has plenty to share with you as it pertains to planning, launching, and scaling yours!


Yes, Even You!

Q: I'm not into podcasting. Why would I need this book?


A: This book could be considered by some to be a crash course in brand building, whereas podcasting just-so happens to be the case study.


Take your first steps towards the mic as you tell your story, share your expertise, elevate your brand, and put a smile on the faces of your audience!


Grab your copy of this amazing book to get started!

    Let's Do This! Podcasting 101 Book Bundle

    $99.00 Regular Price
    $70.00Sale Price
    • Given the nature of the valuable intellectual property involved and being provided, all sales are final. We are unable to honor any requests for credits, returns, refunds, nor exchanges for any of our products and/or services. 

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