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Is This Thing On: Digital Course



Read the book, but want more?

This in-depth e-Course is the perfect resource!

Complete the simple, engaging modules on your own time and learn what is needed to get your show out of your head, off the ground, and on the airwaves in no time!

Our launch guide is a super simple system designed to give step-by-step tips to take you from none to done for your show in little to no time!

The course can be completed in no time and on your own time, no matter day or night, as it's only a few clicks away!

This program not only introduces participants to how to kickstart a podcast, it teaches strategies and practical, easy to implement principles that can be applied in order to plan, launch, and MARKET a BUSINESS/BRAND!

Take the course on-the-go!

Info is short, sweet, easy to digest and implement...

Created with amateurs to the mic in mind!

Learn how to increase visibility for your brand!

Learn how to position yourself as a SME and go-to authority in your industry!

Learn how to extend your reach GLOBALLY!

Have fun! Be the star of your own show!

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