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A Note on Networking: What to Do at Chat ‘n Chews (10 Convo Starters I Use With New Contacts)

Welcome to the recap of another episode of the Life: Unscripted Podcast by Organized Energy!

While many of us can be referred to as social butterflies, seemingly to have never met a stranger, others may be a bit more introverted and have to work a little harder at striking up conversation.

The thing is, when networking and getting to know new connections, having a great flow of convo can be key in finding common ground so that you can begin the process of knowing, liking, and trusting each other. This is the foundation of relationship building, as most of us understand that communication is vital.

That said, in this episode of the Life: Unscripted Podcast, I shared many conversation starters and points of interest that could be expounded upon during meetups with new faces.

I refer to these meetings as "chat 'n chews" because that's what we do while there- chat and chew (enjoy the drinks, appetizers, etc.) :)

The next time you meet a new pal, whether for personal or professional reasons, you may enjoy using a few of the following prompts as you strike up conversation that you both will hopefully enjoy!

Are you ready?

Ok, let's do this!

Here are 10 of my favorite things to bring up and explore with folxxx I am trying to get to know:

  1. Passions and Purpose 💖: When you meet someone new, don't be shy to ask about what sets their soul on fire. What are their passions? What drives them in life? You might discover some inspiring stories!

  2. Goals, Goals, Goals! 🎯: It's time to share your dreams and ambitions. Talk about what you both want to achieve personally and professionally.

  3. Sharing is Caring 📖: As you get to know each other, how about swapping some stories. Share your journey, the ups and downs, and how you got to where you are today.

  4. Life Beyond Work 🚴‍♂️: Work is cool, but what really makes you tick outside the office? Talk hobbies, routines, and what you do for fun!

  5. Wanderlust Vibes 🗺️: Ah, travel! Swap stories about the places you both have lived, where you've traveled, or even the dream destinations you want to explore.

  6. Apps 'n Things 📱: Got any cool apps or software that make your life easier? Spill the beans! Folxxx are always on the lookout for time-saving hacks.

  7. Sales and Marketing Secrets 💼: If you're in the biz world, swap some sales and marketing strategies. Who knows? You might just learn a thing or two from each other.

  8. Networking Know-How 🤝: Any cool networking groups or professional organizations you're part of? Perhaps you could try it out as well if it meets your needs and standards.

  9. Introductions, Please! 🎉: If you meet some cool peeps or groups that the other should know about, don't hold back! Introductions and new connections may be just what you guys need!

  10. Future Partnerships 🤝: Now that you've hit it off, talk about how you can take this friendship to the next level. How do you see you guys working together in the future?

Taking Notes and Following Up

Alright, now that you've had an amazing chat, make sure you don't forget any of the things that you learned about your new acquaintance! 📝

Take notes on the key points and shared interests that were discussed.

If you promised to do something for each other, keep your word!

Whether it's sending resources, making introductions, or planning a fun outing, be committed to nurturing this connection.

Remember, relationships take effort and genuine interest.

Keep those connections alive and continue building awesome friendships! 🌟


I hope

this episode has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your journey.

If you have any suggestions or want to add to my list, please reach out to me through my social media pages or website.

I appreciate your support, and I'm excited to have you join me on the next episode.

Before we wrap up,

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Have the absolute best week ever!


Tiffany Williams has a corporate background and 21+ years experience as the founder of several startups over the years.

She is an Author, Podcast Hostess with the Mostess, Accountability Partner, Mentor & Trauma-Informed Certified Life Coach to executives, leaders, professionals, and students; a Consultant to Groups and Organizations, a Book Publisher and Inspirational, Motivational Keynote Speaker with a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Tiffany is a passionate writer, corporate trainer, and presenter on topics such as: personal development, professional development, leadership development, brand development, holistic development, social-emotional wellness and development, youth development, organizational development, process development, purpose discovery, and platform (book writing and podcast launching) development.

Her passion and purpose is to help others discover and fulfill theirs.

As a mother, nature lover, vegan foodie, down-to-earth hipster who la-la-loves music and dancing with seemingly two left feet (lol), Tiffany carries love, light, and #goodvibes wherever she goes.

She believes in leading with both love and a listening ear.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. There are some links on my pages that are associated with affiliate partners and sponsors of my platform.

If/when you click those links and make a purchase, it helps to support my platforms at no cost to you.



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