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At Organized Energy Coaching & Consulting, we are 

"Developing Brands & The People Behind Them!"

- 1 Person, 1 Passion, 1 Profession, 1 Purpose at a Time.

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Ex-Corporate Chic


Founder of several start-ups for over 21+ years

Former Early Childhood Credentialed Trainer

Certified Life Coach


Author of the Popular Suite of Books & Resources Entitled: "Is This Thing On? The Super Simple Guide to Planning, Launching, & Scaling a Podcast"


Founder of Amora Moone Publishing Company


Host of the Life: Unscripted Podcast by Organized Energy


Mama Bear, Plant Lover, Random Road-Tripper, Veganish Foodie, The Best Spades Partner You'll Evvvvva Have (ha-ha!), and A-Rhythmic Dancer with 2 Left Feet (lol) 

Last But Not Least, I'd Love to Be Your Organization's Training & Development Partner and Provider!  (The video found at this link is slightly outdated, but I would love for you to still check it out, lol!)


Let’s have some fun and get it done!

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Life Unscripted Podcast by Organized Energy 2023 Author Tiffany Williams Is This Thing On

Develop holistically from the inside out, so that they show up as the best version of their true, authentic selves- at home, at school, at work, and at play!

Let's educate, equip, empower, and encourage them on their journeys of self-discovery, pursuit of purpose and clarity of profession so that they make intentional, consistent impact for the greater good of your organization and our global community!

Solutions for Communities
(Apartments/Residential, Co-Working Spaces, Networking Groups, Clubs, etc.)

Solutions for Professionals (Intrapreneurs, Entrepreneurs, Leaders, & Students)

Solutions for Career Prep & Workforce Development Agencies

Solutions for Adult Education Programs & Institutions

Solutions for Post-Secondary Institutions

Solutions for K-12 Schools & Youth Programs

Solutions for Business Development Organizations

Solutions for Employers

Solutions for Churches & Faith-Based Organizations

Personal Development Solutions

Helping to Develop Brands AND the People Behind Them

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We understand something that is simple to articulate, yet complex to execute, and it is this: 

  • People want to feel valued. 

  • They want to feel embraced, welcomed, and praiseworthy. 

  • They want to feel needed, necessary, and loved. 

  • They want to show up as the best version of their whole, authentic selves when they walk into the room and into your organization; be it school, work, or otherwise. 

  • They want to be equipped to feel their best, be their best, and do their best from day to day. 

  • They want to have a sense of purpose and direction. 

  • At Organized Energy, as Certified Life Coaches, it is our delight to support them in these ways so that we re-write the narrative of their own lives. 

  • No more public successes and private messes! :) 

  • We discuss setting goals, setting standards, setting boundaries, relationship management, energy management, time management, and work to declutter emotional and physical spaces in an effort to regain a sense of order in life. 

  • We work to evaluate passions and giftedness. 

  • We seek purpose and clarity on how to carry it out personally and professionally in order to make impact in the lives of others. 

  • We explore relationships as it pertains to our spirituality, views of self, and in dealing with others. 

  • Our programming strives to provide tools to help increase confidence, sense of self-worth, and so much more!

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Here Are The Many Ways That

Organized Energy Coaching & Consulting 

Can Provide Value For Amazing Groups & Organizations Like Yours:

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Because 1 Size

Doesn't Fit All...

Here are the many methods by which we provide our training and development solutions to amazing groups and organizations like yours!

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It's no secret that sometimes bad things can happen to good people. I've been married. And divorced. I’ve raised my children in a 2-parent household. And as a single-parent. I’ve owned successful small businesses. And also had to close their doors. I’ve done very well in other projects. And then lost every dime that I had. I’ve been a “Super Saint” and “Busy-Body,” holding various positions within our local house of faith and yet at one point, was too depressed and, for fear of judgment & gossip, was too ashamed of my “matters of life” to even attend there at all. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve loved. I’ve lost. But you know what? One thing that I know to be true is that life certainly goes on! Yes, I found myself “Falling Backward” at one point in life, but I’ve been blessed to be able to also, in time, “Spring Forward!” My former mess is now my amazing message (I’m actually writing a book about it!) and I’d be honored to share it with you! I understand what it feels like to be overwhelmed with little to no assistance in running a small business and operating within positions of leadership. That's why it's my pleasure for my team and I to help you with yours! It’s my personal mission to intentionally pour all the love and light out into this world as I can…. In fact, my favorite thing to tell you about myself is that I love me some Jesus! This is what drives my passion for offering the services that we at Organized Energy Coaching & Consulting are so proud to deliver! • Personal Wellness & Professional Development Coach • Founder of Several Start-Ups Over the Past 21 Years • Certified Life Coach • Author of Numerous Books and Publications, Most Notably the Series Entitled, "Is This Thing On? The Super Simple Guide to Planning, Launching, and Scaling Your Podcast" • Publisher • Training and Development Consultant & Speaker • Worked in Various Corporate Spaces Including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance & Higher Education • Former Early Education & Development Credentialed Trainer Annnd.. here's the fun (and best) part: • Plant Mom of 8 • Blessed to be Mama Bear to Some Pretty Incredible Humans • Passionate For Family, Community, and Travel • Music Lover & Major Foodie All of that said, My workshops are fun, interactive, and cover down-to-earth, practical information that participants absolutely love and are raving about! I speak from lived experiences as it pertains to all things life, business, and pursuit of purpose- and that is my secret sauce! Keynotes are available on topics that span life, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal and spiritual development. These experiences are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients.


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