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A Note on Networking: WHO to Network With | Personal & Professional Networking Tips

Hey friends,

it's your girl Tiff, and I'm back again with another recap of an episode from The Life: Unscripted podcast by Organized Energy. I hope you're having an amazing day so far, and I hope our time together will be valuable to you.


we're chatting about networking. Now, I've covered networking in a previous episode, but I want to break it down further and focus on the "who" of networking. Networking can serve different purposes. It could be for personal reasons, like finding like-minded friends or a special someone. Or it could be for professional or business reasons, such as expanding your network to benefit your organization or career. No matter the reason, sometimes it's tough to figure out where to start when it comes to networking in this big world.

So, let's think

about who we want to network with and why. If we're looking for friends, it's important to have some commonalities. Sure, opposites attract, but having something in common is essential. Think about your interests, hobbies, and the type of person you want to become. Consider what activities and groups align with your passions. For example, if fitness and a healthy lifestyle are important to you, look for fitness groups, gyms, walking clubs, or jogging clubs. If you're into reading or writing, find book clubs or writing groups. The key is to explore events and groups that align with your interests.

Now, let's

shift gears to professional networking. Let's say you're a realtor. In that case, you'll want to connect with other realtors, as well as professionals who can support and complement your work, such as bankers, mortgage loan officers, home inspectors, handyman contractors, home remodeling companies, plumbers, electricians, lawn care and landscaping services, and more. These professionals can become strategic partners who refer clients to each other, creating a win-win situation.

To get started

with networking, consider the people you're already connected with on social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. Take a closer look at your existing connections and identify those who make sense to deepen your relationships with. You might be surprised by the potential networking opportunities within your current connections. Don't be afraid to ask for referrals or introductions from your existing network. They might be connected to someone who would be a perfect match for your networking goals.

But don't limit

yourself to individual connections alone. Explore small groups, support groups, networking groups, agencies, organizations, and associations related to your interests or profession. Join these groups, subscribe to their newsletters, attend their events, and follow their social media pages. Additionally, look into governing bodies or associations at the local, state, national, and even international levels that align with your industry. These groups can provide valuable networking opportunities, conferences, webinars, and meetups.


nurturing your network is crucial. Keep track of your connections and interactions using client or customer relationship management (CRM) tools, such as software or even simple spreadsheets. By organizing and nurturing your network, you can work smarter, not harder. If you need suggestions for CRM software, check out the resources section on my website (

I hope

this episode has provided you with valuable insights and inspiration for your networking journey.

If you have any suggestions or want to add to my list, please reach out to me through my social media pages or website.

I appreciate your support, and I'm excited to have you join me on the next episode.

Before we wrap up,

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Wishing you an abundance of success in your networking endeavors!

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Tiffany Williams has a corporate background and 21+ years experience as the founder of several startups over the years.

She is an Author, Podcast Hostess with the Mostess, Accountability Partner, Mentor & Life Coach to executives, leaders, professionals, and students; a Consultant to Groups and Organizations, a Book Publisher and Inspirational, Motivational Keynote Speaker with a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Tiffany is a passionate writer, corporate trainer, and presenter on topics such as: personal development, professional development, leadership development, brand development, holistic development, social-emotional wellness and development, youth development, organizational development, process development, and platform (book writing and podcast launching) development.

Her passion and purpose is to help others discover and fulfill theirs.

As a mother, nature lover, vegan foodie, down-to-earth hipster who la-la-loves music and dancing with seemingly two left feet (lol), Tiffany carries love and light wherever she goes.

She believes in leading with both love and a listening ear.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. There are some links on my pages that are associated with affiliate partners and sponsors of my platform.

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